VIA invests in Frida Forsikring Agentur

VIA invests in Frida Forsikring Agentur, the Danish insurance agent within latent defect house buyer insurances (in Danish “ejerskifteforsikring”) and newly build house insurances (in Danish “byggeskadeforsikring”), and participates in the establishment of the insurance company Domus Forsikring with a license to underwrite issued by the Danish FSA.

VIA takes part in the ownership of Domus and Frida with a 40% minority interest. Kim Bruhn-Petersen, formerly Topdanmark, becomes chairman of the board of Frida and VIA equity’s Jakob Rybak-Andersen also joins the board.

Frida’s focus is to maximize partner and customer satisfaction by efficient and effective processing of claims while maintaining an attractive quality to price ratio.